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JP Playing Cards | Buy Playing Cards with FREE UK & EU Delivery

Welcome to JP Playing Cards

One Of Europe's Most Trusted Playing Card Retailers

Founded in 2012, we are a small, family business trading exclusively online. We are based in Leeds, in the North of England. We do not have a physical store which we trade from currently, but maybe one day! 

Please have a browse around the site, we've worked hard to make it easy to navigate! If you haven't shopped with us before you may be amazed at the varied range of amazing artwork! We have one of the largest ranges of collectible playing cards in Europe, perhaps even the world. We currently have over 360 different decks from some of the world's most talented designers and agencies. From independents such as Encarded, Uusi, Half Moon, Seasons, Mana and Dead on Paper and other Kickstarter funded projects to decks imported from some of the biggest online magic stores in the US - Ellusionist, Dan & Dave, Theory11, The Blue Crown & more - we have an ever-expanding range of beautiful, collectible playing cards. Literally, something to suit anyone's tastes. 

The majority of the playing cards we carry are printed by the world famous United States Playing Card Company, which has been the industry standard for many, many years now - producing the famous Bicycle & Bee brands amongst others. However, over the past couple of years two companies working in partnership have begun to challenge the dominance of USPC - Legends Playing Card Co' and Expert Playing Card Co'. With an innovative shared approach to printing beautiful cards people can love and use, these companies are responsible for the stunning Exquisite, Zen, LUXX (our own line) and Legends decks. 

Why Shop With Us?

We have some fundamental principles at JP Playing Cards. 

We work incredibly hard to ensure you are always extremely happy with your purchase. We've worked hard to keep the site simple and clean, we want to make it quick and easy to find what you want on site, checkout with ease and have no worries about security (for that reason all our chosen payment methods enable us to process orders without ever seeing your card details). 

We've built what we consider to be a strong reputation as a trusted online playing card retailer, we keep it simple and aim for quick despatch and great, personal customer service. For a sample of what some of our customers think about us, take a look at our TrustPilot profile, and please feel free to let us know what you think!