SPYKE Ferrofluid Display

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SPYKE Ferrofluid Display 

Spyke is a fully-sealed display unit with 2ml of ferrofluid suspended in a unique liquid which allows the ferrofluid to flow and spike when the supplied magnetic stylus is brought close to the display.

When not in use, the ferrofluid sits atop the three rare earth magnets hidden in the base. The vibrant back-drop to the Spyke creates a striking contrast with the pitch black ferrofluid seemingly adding extra definition to the effects you create.

Using the magnetic stylus, you can move the ferrofluid to make very dramatic stringy spikes. The top of the case is magnetic and is designed to hold the stylus in place when not in use. In addition, the background is brightly coloured to contrast with the ferrofluid making the spikes pop out. The case serves as protection against accidental drops and is sealed shut so its child resistant.

This display is intended for use by adults aged 18 or over only.