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We're a small family business based in Leeds. Just over a year old, and growing fast - we always aim to provide an excellent, personal service. Our regular customers have come to expect a service which separates us from the pack (If you haven't experienced this yet, we look forward to your first purchase) for a sample of what some of our regular customers think about us, have a look at our TrustPilot page. 

Founded in 2012, we are just a baby in business terms, however wtih well over a decade's experience in retail and eCommerce management under the belt, we know what matters to our customers. 

What do we sell?

We were inspired to open this store as a way of bringing some of the highest quality decks printed by the world famous United States Playing Card Company over to the UK (and beyond), it's always been a tricky and costly business navigating the expensive customs and import tax when ordering from the US, so we're here to save you the hassle. We also search worldwide to track down and stock unique and amazing designs from all countries, so if you're a designer or you have a deck you'd like us to stock - please do get in touch. 

We have a passion for what we sell, some of the playing cards you see on our website you will find it very difficult to purchase elsewhere in the UK, and some are exclusive to us. Then of course there are other cards such as the more common Bicycle decks that you can find at other stores online or on the high street - but the difference is, we specialise in playing cards (The clue's in the name) -  So if you've been looking for that gift that's a little bit different or you are a playing card collector (just like us) then you're in the right place. 


A question we're often asked is "Are you magicians"? The simple answer is no, but it's hard not to be in awe of guys such as David Blaine & Daniel Madison. We do stock a large range of cards from big US magic companies, but we don't exclusively stock magic decks. Bicycle has and probably always will be the go-to deck for magicians, but almost all decks printed by magic companies have a massive, broad appeal. They are beautiful pieces of art in their own right, and can really be a great talking point at an after-dinner card game or home poker tournament. Ever wanted to wow your friends with a stunning deck of cards at your poker night? Now's your chance. 

We sell playing cards for magicians, cardists, sleight-of-hand artists, poker players, playing card collectors and more. We appreciate the amazing work and attention to detail that goes into some of the decks we stock. From the Pr1me Sketch deck made in Rome, to the Ornate and Aurum playing cards. The range of cards we carry at any one time is hard to beat, and if you're looking for a deck that you can't find elswhere - the chances are we have it or can try and get it for you. We have amassed a network of contacts which have enabled us to build a solid reputation worldwide. 

We have regular customers all over Europe - you can see what some of those think of us by visiting our Facebook page, Twitter profile or having a read of our Trustpilot custom reviews. Click on the logos below to be taken there!

Finally - if you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about, why not spend a couple of minutes watching the video below from the folks at The United States Playing Card Company; manufacturers and printers of what many consider to be the finest playing cards in the world.