Ellusionist Playing Cards

In their own words.. "Ellusionist was founded on January 1st, 2001 by Brad Christian. His goal was simple-- to create the best online training environment for people who want to learn high-impact, effective magic tricks. Ellusionist's growth has been unprecedented".

The range of playing cards designed and comissioned by Ellusionist is simply stunning, and each deck of playing cards has a unique feel to it unrivalled by other playing card design companies. 


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 Ellusionist • Rare Deck Collection
Please select the deck you'd like to purchase above. Ellusionist Rare Deck Collection This is ..
from £54.99
Artifice Tundra Playing Cards
Artifice Tundra Playing Cards Gorgeous and ethereal, the Tundra marks the next deck in the elite ..
Bicycle 52 Proof Playing Cards
This is the second edition deck sold seperately from Ellusionist, NOT the deck with gold foil on the..
Bicycle Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards
Bicycle Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards The second edition of the Black and Wh..
Bicycle Black Tiger Playing Cards
"Everything about the deck screams HIGH-IMPACT. The visual impact of the cards is startling. Voodoo,..
Bicycle Shadow Masters Playing Cards
"Shadow Masters are the third in the Bicycle Masters Series. Handling the deck, you now know what it..
Bicycle White Ghost Playing Cards
"Ghost maintains the Bicycle look & feel, but adds touches that the red and blue decks lack."&nb..
Black Arcane Playing Cards
The Arcane deck sets new standards for playing cards. Arcane paves the way between the old and the n..
Black Kings Playing Cards
Black Kings Playing Cards What they say: The brand new KINGS Black deck takes its cues from the o..
Black Madison Rounders Playing Cards
"I wanted to create a deck of cards that somehow reflected my style and ideals through simplicity. T..
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Blood Kings Playing Cards
Blood Kings Playing Cards Not yet released yet by Ellusionist, we were given the opportunity by E..
Blue LTD Playing Cards
"LTD is simplicity. The blue and purple versions of the ultra-desired decks are ready to Go. The cri..
Bumblebee Playing Cards
"Beemageddon 10 Million Hives wiped out in the past 6 years... You need to see Bees exactly the same..
Fathom Playing Cards
"The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. When we too..
Green Madison Dealers Playing Cards
Madison Dealers Playing Cards The original Madison Dealers are a green borderless design based on..
Ignite Playing Cards
"The Ignite Deck has been carefully matched with the design and tones of Fathom to create dramatic c..
Infinity Playing Cards
"Something changes when you pick up a deck of truly incredible playing cards. Cards that not only pu..
Keepers Playing Cards
"Keepers are the lighthouse and saviour to your work with cards. Conceived by Adam Wilber and brough..
"Killer Bees are the mutant hybrid of timid European honey bees and their African cousins. ..
Kings Playing Cards
"Two Years ago Daniel Madison and Peter McKinnon met up in a desert in Vegas to wreak havoc. And KIN..