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V-CUBE™ technology was invented and patented by Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES in his endeavour to produce the most beautiful and smooth cube toy he could. V-Cube continually push how well a puzzle toy can perform and are now considered the only choice for speed-cubing enthusiasts. It's time to get excited about puzzles all over again! V-Cube have quickly established themselves as one of THE speed-cube brands within the puzzle community.

V-Cube Puzzles

The patented V-Cube technology really comes in to its own on these elaborate cube constructions. The Pillow version has rounded edges and corners to make an ergonomic skill toy that meets the needs of the most demanding speed-cuber. Incredibly smooth rotations make for a clean, fast action - perfect for competition or improving on personal bests. 

Ranging in size each cube has a solid cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axis. Each cube is presented in a smart 'L' shaped box and rief instructions included, but get ready to be confused - they're seriously addictive! The bigger the cube, the more permutations. If you're new to cubing and want to give it a go, try the 3 or 4. If you're a serious cuber or looking for a real challenge, try the 7 or 8. 

Please choose size and style from the menu, unless the option specifically states 'straight' your v-cube will be the more popular 'pillow' shape.