Jerry's Nugget Cardistry Trainers

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Laser cut to exacting standards, the JNCTs are made for cardists of all skill levels who wants to take their cardistry to the next level. Carry them, cut them, flip them and play with them to develop a stronger, more confident grip with a pack of cards.

Jerry's Nugget Cardistry Trainers

You would have never thought that these would be so much fun to play with as well as help you work on new moves of your own, designed specifically for 3 packet cuts with thickness of approx 4mm per trainer deck, you can use 5 packets too with a little extra thickness compared to a regular deck. 

So pick up a set of 3 or 5 and get started in creating your own flourishes or add to your collection. You can even pick up a single just for collection as well. For those of you who have used trainers before, these trainers do not stick at all due to static, making them extremely convenient to handle & practice with. 

We have blue double sided, red double sided and blue/red. Order 1 and you will receive a random pick, order 3 and you will receive one of each, order 5 and you will receive a random mix with at least one of each.