Robusto Classic Playing Cards

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"Get ready for Superior card handling with Robusto!"

Robusto Classic Playing Cards

Robusto - probably the most resilient paper cards ever produced! Tuck design by Jackson Robinson!

Robusto Classic features a gold and black back design with a white box, the Expert Playing Card Company is extremely proud to introduce their new Superior Brand cards. With many innovative features and techniques these decks are going to "change everything".

The Superior Brand is the latest Expert Card Company brand joining Exquisite, Zen, Global Titan and others. It represents their never-ending effort to both create the greatest cards and offer them to you at the most reasonable prices.

Robusto Stock: Both editions of the new Robusto Classic share this new stock from Expert PCC, and simply put, it’s the thickest, strongest, most elegant stock ever used for playing cards. Be ready to use some serious hand strength when using these. They are not flimsy, spongy cards like many other decks on the market. Much like a baseball batter might swing two bats, the thickness of this stock makes for an outstanding practice deck. If you can do poker deals, shifts, springs or fans with this deck, handling one of our Master Finish or Classic Finish decks will be a breeze.

LIMITED EDITION  Robusto Classic Reserve: A full foil, shimmering back design. Limited to 1000 decks and released in even smaller numbers by Conjuring Arts.