The Black Book Of Cards

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"A deck of playing cards built on an uncommon concept which brings us together in an unique way."

The Black Book Of Cards

  • Revealed within the Black Book of Cards is a typographic design using type to create form and pattern covering each card with words like the pages within a book.
  • The traditional court card faces that we all know so well come to life as typographic portraits.  
  • The meticulous process of building each word to form the faces delivers an almost life-like and tangible appearance without the use of shading. We wanted the non-court cards within the Black Book to be just as important and design focused as the court cards therefore we treated each card as its own piece of artwork that can stand on its own. We continued the concept of form, pattern, and type by utilizing the negative space on each card to create the actual silhouette of the pips building each line of text upon the next.
  • Each card within the Black Book holds its own by possessing a unique and time-intensive typographic design portraying a different look, feeling, and presence.  Very fitting for the fundamental concept behind the deck with each card representing each one of us based on the following notion.
  • The concept behind the Black Book begins with the notion that we all have been assigned a card that is based on the day we were born…similar to our Zodiac sign that suggests personal characteristics about those who hold that card.  We have always wanted to create a deck of cards that celebrates this idea bringing the concept to you through typographic design.  
  • Each card within The Black Book of Cards portrays different personality words creating unique typographic designs.  We have provided our own spin keeping it stylish, lighthearted, and design focused.